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Good Friday

Good Friday


This is a big travel weekend for the volunteers; and rightfully so, as we get almost two full weeks off from our ‘jobs’. Many of our friends decided to backpack through Mayan ruins in Guatemala, fly to the jungles of Costa Rica, or snorkeling in Placencia or San Pedro island, but NOT Mr. ROB! He and the lovely Carrie Bottcher could think of no better getaway than Mike’s house. Mike and the boys (Danny, Josh, and Nadov) are in Tikal and Flores this weekend, so she and I decided that we should just hang in his living room from Wednesday ‘til Monday, eat junk food and watch movies. And it’s just as well, because I was nervous about being really homesick, as I am around every holiday around here.


            It’s been so great so far, dad sent me some pictures of the family and a sweet note (and some other little green notes : D ), Miss Anita from ol’ MO sent me the cutest Easter Card, and my awesome friend (and noted up-and-coming photographer) John Dolan sent me a THUMB drive with entire seasons of my FAVORITE shows, The Office, Family Guy, Futurama, and Arrested Development, as well as the movies Clue, and Little Miss Sunshine. Wow, John is awesome. Everyone should check out his work too!


            Last night Carrie Shella Liz and I went to meet up with Liz’s family who is visiting from Albuquerque. They took us to dinner and then we went to a party at Nurse Donna’s house. She’s this awesome lady who reminds me of my Aunt Ellen. She used to be a Peace Corps nurse but moved back to the states when her granddaughter was born in January, and has been doing Americorps in Colorado. This tiny lady is friends with everyone in PG, and is just so understanding of what we’re going through, and crazy, and an activist, and I love her and miss her a lot.


            I hope everyone’s having a really great weekend; I’m happy to be out of the village for a few days. 

Also, new pictures on my Myspace!!



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