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Don't surf. There is no water (there is no water!)

Last night I met a French man. 

He was on the couch of my PC friend Mike, whom he met through a website called
On this website you can finally have the opportunity to meet tons of strange dirty people who are travelling through your part of the world, and invite them to spend a free night on your couch, hammock, duvan, ottoman, kitchen table, or what have you. This man in particular was in his 30s and planned to hitch hike through belize to guatemala, and travel for another two weeks before heading back to Europe. He was nice and played bossa nova music on his guitar; I didn't get too close. I would have only broken his heart.

Wow, I got some amazing mail this week. Aunt Vicky, THANK YOU, Elke (basically my cousin) THANK YOU, and my dear long lost friend Talitha Phillips all sent me some beautiful tchotchkes, candy (!), music, and other accoutrements of happiness. Talitha and I were colleagues in the music department at Binghamton, and she's studying theology in California to eventually become a minister. She plays a smashing double bass (especially henry eccles), writes beautiful original songs, has a pretty voice, and I love her and miss her a lot. 

Today I'm in town to talk with the Sustainable harvest international about possible assistance with a pig penning cooperative  our village wants to start.

More good news, my new house is FINALLY completed, pictures will be up on my myspace soon!

Also I just got news that my DAD will be visiting me in April, from the 11-19; we're going to have fuuuuun!!
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