robbalamma (robbalamma) wrote,

Searching for Bobby Fisher-Cal

Yeahhh, chess. 
This weekend I took 13 kids from our school chess club to a tournament in Punta Gorda town. We took the regular market bus in at 3 am and were the first ones there (not surprisingly).

This was the biggest primary school chess tournament in the history of Belize (over 80 students showed up to play), and our students definitely surprised Coach Mr. Rob. Most of them won at least three of the five games they were expected to play (it was not an elimination tournament). Our girls did very well also, and a special kudos for them; as women tend not to be as involved in extracurriculars or education in the mayan culture.  
We had a lot of fun, and though we didn't get any high scores enough for an award it was a much needed learning experience.
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