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I feel so much Spring

This has been a bit of a surreal week; much death and loss around me; primarily the death of my godfather, Joe Cauchi. I've never known a man besides my father who was so INTERESTED in my life and personal/academic development. A lot of people have godfathers only in the nominal sense of the title; but Uncle Joe really meant a great deal to me, and gave me much motivation to do well in school, at the piano, everywhere. I will miss him, definitely. But right now, I am dealing with an odd feeling of detachment from my emotional state. Being in Belize has somehow caused me to lose all sensitivity to many things at home; this being one of them. I have been unable to cry over all this stuff, and i hope it's not damaging me emotionally. 

My great friends Clare and Eric both ended their service in Peace Corps Belize this week, to go back home to Jersey and N.C. They had been two of my greatest sources of support during our staging/training/settling in craziness. Life is going to be very hard without them, and I miss you both already.

What else happened, Belize's great Garifuna recording artist Andy Palacio passed away this week, it was a great shock to the entire nation. Check out some of his music if you're interested in something different and cool.

okay, I'm sick of writing farewells and enough for me.

I could really use a letter or hug or something : (

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