February 26th, 2011

Many happy returns

 I was reading something online that says that since Facebook came out, there's been a huge drop in the number of blog entries posted every day; people have been just doing short status updates on their social networking sites and twitter, etc. That got me curious and I decided to read some of my old livejournal entries. I was half surprised the site is still up here, and it made me very sentimental.

My last post was dated 5 June 2009, two months before my close of service as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since then a lot has ahppened. you can check my facebook for that!

Fast forward a year and a half, and I'm BACK here in Punta Gorda, chillin with my old friends again. I felt a strong compulsion to return after looking at pictures and thinking alot about the village. Conveniently my friend Rosendo Cal is a soldier in the Belize Defense Force and invited me to come to his wedding. So here i am, some pictures to follow soon!