April 1st, 2009

Just around the riverbend

Sooo, what has everyone been up toooo?

oh right, this is my journal.

             I should talk about La Ruta Maya, my latest crazy activity.
The Ruta Maya is a 175 mile canoe race across the width of Belize. It took four hours (in our case, thirty something hours), and I paddled with my two friends, Emily and Pat from the Jesuit Volunteers International.

The second day, we paddled for ten and a half hours. Usually, I find that the only thing worth doing for ten hours at a time is being unconscious, however; at the end of this grueling awful ordeal, we still looked like this:
or maybe this was contrived due to the fact that we were being photographed.
It's up to you.

 That's me with my paddle, or "boat-moving stick", sitting in the rear, or "back" of the boat. (It's okay if you don't understand these "nautical" terms. I'm flanking them with useful context clues.)