January 31st, 2009

mother nature's son

So last week I rode my bike to San Lucas, the neighboring village, to visit my friend Matt and some church group that was visiting him, doing some work. Ladies from Milwaukee, Wi. So I told my teachers I was going, put on my green hat and ipod, and rode thirty minutes through the jungle over dirt and rocks until I got there.
I mostly chatted with the ladies while they did arts and crafts with the students (tie-dying, sun catchers)
and after about an hour and a half i reached up because i felt something lumpy on my head. "There must be something in my hat!!" I nonchalantly blurted to nobody in particular. Upon removing said hat, I expected to see any possible range of things, but this range did not include the truth: a six inch black scorpion just hangin' out upside down inside my hat.
It had been there for at least two hours, including the full length of the bumpy bike ride. Didn't sting me though, miraculously.

Today I'm house sitting for the Jesuit Volunteers, International.

Heads up to the Amazing Fox News network for referring to the first lady of the United States as "Obama's Baby Mama" on Thursday. I don't have the link but you can google it.