January 2nd, 2009

It's gonna be a happy new year

Happy 09!! I really wish I had pictures of the vacation to post, but my camera broke just before I left, so I'll just have to paint you a picture in your mind.

Imagine this scene as it unfolds before you, if you will::

I went home for Christmas.
It was good.

the end

haha, juuuust kidding.

So I left on 10 December for Cancun, Mexico. It was a long bus ride (about two days on an old US schoolbus, considered the Belizean national busline.) I spent a very sketchy night in a questionable guest house in Corozal, the Mexican bordertown. The next morning I bought some pesos and took a gorgeous sleek coach bus to Playa del Carmen, which was culture shock way before I was expecting any. I stayed at a beautiful hostel by the bus station, but not before passing a super Wal-Mart. (!) I went in, just out of curiosity.
And thoroughly enjoyed myself. I mean, as much as I like to think Ive broken myself of the chains of consumerism and US consumeristic imperialism, I have to admit, it's nice to have things available and cheap. And a cereal aisle longer than the grand central parkway is fun to see, too.

I used a lot of spanish in Playa del Carmen, but I think I must have heard every language I know of in that day; very very touristy. Though the beach was very beautiful and the water was very blue, I knew it was time to get going; so i headed for the airport a little earlier, and walked around Cancun.  ALSO very touristy, almost like Disneyworld.

Finally, landed in New York on the 11th; Mom and Grace picked me up at the airport, and quite frankly the theme of the trip was this, and I've mentioned it many times during the last weeks: I felt as though I've never left.

Aunt Dolores drove up from North Carolina, and it was great to give her a hug. She''s a small lady, so my hugs are particularly rib-crushing. She brought my wonderful little cousin Jenna, and her friend Doyle, who is very nice. We went into Manhattan (sighhh), saw the Met, Rockefeller Center; went to the Union Square Market, and bought a computer for one of my friends in the village.

We had a great little get together at my house on the day after christmas, after spending the 25th at my mom's brother's new place in Ramsey, New Jersy. Despite being in new jersey, we all had a GREAT time (kidding)

I do hope to amass some pictures at one point.