November 17th, 2008

By the sea

I am 24 years old today. I am happy.

So I was digging the last of this set of latrines last week, on Wednesday, when a kid runs over to me and says "Mister Rob! Yu Na de reach!" (this means, rob! your mom is here!)

Slightly curious, I walked to the community center, where I found a group of white people. Not my mom.
Close enough.
This was a medical mission team from the southern states, with whom I had made good friends last year. I spend the next two days assisting them as a kekchi translator as they did health assessments and treated the sick in our tri-village area.

It was great to have some familiar American people around for a few days; I never take that for granted.
It was ALSO great, but not necessary, that they drove me to Caye Caulker on Friday morning, and put me up at their VERY nice hotel on the water. It was a great birthday weekend for me; full of snorkeling, workin' on my gringo tan, and 8 dollar lobster dinners on the beach, watching the sunset over the Caribbean Sea. I ran into Matt Callahan and Nicky Gregerson; I love them.

Sooo, thanks peace corps. For a nice assignment. I mean... I could be in Bulgaria or Azerbaijan or something right now, so, that's something to be Thankful for.