August 23rd, 2008

Welcome New Trainees!!!

This week is an exciting one, as the NEW Future volunteers arrived in country!!
Several toledo volunteers, including John, Mica, Mitchell, Rachel and I took the bus up on Monday to Belize city. We stayed with volunteers in the city, who...have some pretty nice digs, if I may. Virginia and Anthony, beautiful people that they are, and some of the hardest working teacher trainers I know, found a fantastic house in the city with tile floors, a big beautiful kitchen, internet, and free cable tv. AND they EVEN have a toilet.
INSIDE The house!!
We went to the World famous Princess Casino and hotel, and spent our evening, cheapos that we are, playing nickel roulette and mooching the free beverages that the exasperated waitresses were carting around for our broke butts. Haha

The next morning we took the bus out to the airport in Ladyville and waited in the waving gallery as the newbies got off the plane. We screamed and jumped up and down as they hit the tarmac, and then ran out to the front entrance to yell again when they cleared customs.

There are forty four new trainees - a LOT. Three married couples, and about fifteen volunteers over the age of fifty! I loved to see the energy in the room when they arrived at the belmopan office, and stayed for a couple days to answer questions, and give my perspective after being here for a year. I really love meeting new people and showing them around and sharing my knowledge. I'd love to be a nyc tourguide or something. I felt all my RA, OA tourguide excitement coming out haha.