August 2nd, 2008

Think about your life

So I made it; after my crazy adventure.

After getting stuck in town, I had to grab a change of clothes from my village before my trip up to Belmopan for a Chess Coaches conference. Problem is, buses don't run very often, so after I got off the market bus in corazon, I made up my bag, took a bath, and proceeded to ride my bike from Corazon creek to Punta Gorda town. Yes, I am crazy but it was a good experience. For those unfamiliar, Punta Gorda is a port town on the Caribbean Sea, and my village is about three hours inland, close to the Guatemalan border. So my ride was about four hours long, on an unpaved road through the jungle. 
BUT I made it, and got to Belmopan with time to spare. It was a great week of camp, chess leadership activities, and I got some great resources for continuing with our club in September.

I'd like to extend a great thanks to the people who have made our chess club possible: Anita Dutrow and Donna Austin et al from St Louis, MO. Love you guys. Also my generous family members, Tommy and Vickie Magee, my mother Rosemary, and my Aunt Dolores whom I miss very much. Our current sponsor is the Snack Shack in PG, a fine dining establishment if I've ever been to one. Open every day except sunday for breakfast and lunch : ) Best fry jacks in town!!

I've started a new exciting side project, if not for humanity's sake, then for my own sanity. My friend April's mother just got a piano, and she asked me to come over to PG once a week and give her a piano lesson! I started two weeks ago and it's been so much fun. Not only being around a piano after a year of  horrible musicless existence, but also being able to TEACH piano again means so much...
Mom says I should start thinking about grad school now, because when I get back home, I might have to start right away because I'm coming home in the late summer. The prospect of med school seems so daunting to me, and honestly I'm having my doubts. Do I really want to be a doctor? Can I get into med school with these grades? Why is MCAT prep so #$%@#$% hard? If i didnt, can I really have a career in music? 

So many questions.


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