July 20th, 2008

and rain will make the flowers grow

Okay, so Belize has gone from six months of drought and unbearable dryness to three weeks of massive flooding and unstoppable thunderstorming.

My best friends, the second year volunteers, leave Belize this week for the States.
I'd just like to say that they've been so important to my adjustment and service in this country. They made me feel so welcome and Ive made a ton of new friends. So to Jeff, Shella, Jenny Soto, Norbeck, Maggie, Ryan, Nicky, and everyone else who's shoving off, you'll missed by everyone very much, and next year, you all have a place in New York to stay : D

I am currently stuck in Punta Gorda, our district town, since FRIDAY; as there have been no market buses in or out of my village. On the plus side, Peace Corps is paying for my hotel stay, where I am enjoying some lovely wireless internet, air conditioning, cable tv, and real, electric overhead LIGHTING!!! WOOHOO, Did I mention the flush toilet?
I also get to talk to my family online, including my little cousin paige whom i MISS a whole lot.

Last week I directed a really successful summercamp for our village chess club. Fellow volunteer Liz Pitrof came down from Belmopan and I enjoyed having her in my little house for five days.  : D Thanks liz!
      A word on chess: This activity, though taken for granted by many kids, taught to us by our fathers for generations, holds a lot more merit than many probably think. Through our work with Ella Anderson and the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation, we have been able to expose hundreds of rural and urban Belizean students to this new cerebral outlet that fosters creativity and strategy, as well as giving youth a new opportunity for non-soccer competition, AND includes our so often neglected young women, especially in Mayan communities.

Tomorrow I'm going to do something a little insane. 
If I survive you'll hear about it later.