March 8th, 2008

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Happy March everyone!

I was supposed to do some travelling this weekend but that all fell through so I'm just hanging out in town. I'm looking at the Carib Sea; very gray today, storms coming in. This weekend is the annual Ruta Maya; a FOUR DAY long canoe race spanning half the length of Belize. A few of our volunteers registered a dory (Belizean name for a canoe) and we're pullin for them! : )
It makes me think about the ol' college days, paddlin' on the Susquehanna [dark] and early in the morning, in some of the most CRAZY weather.

My house is finally up and running, and I'm still trying to furnish it a little; My good friend Liz came from Sta Teresa to visit me last night, it was so much fun; I made tortellini puttanesca with a chickpea salad : ) and we went to church and sang kekchi songs. Now the whole village thinks I have a wife; which is fine with me, cuz it's a perfect explanation for everything. Mayans get married very young, and the Catholic Church is really starting to be more strict about only marrying eighteen year olds. This causes 15, 16 17 year olds to be having babies out of wedlock, but this is a totally normal thing for them. So naturally it was very strange for me to show up in a village, 23 years old, without a picture of my girlfriend or wife or babies or anything, and any woman who comes within a 10 foot radius of me is a potential ixk, or wife, for the village to set me up with. Needless to say, this gets tiresome very quickly.

I'm trying to plan Dad's trip to belize; I have never been good with itinereries. 

As you've read before, my whole village has gotten solar power, consisting of a panel for each family, hooked up to at least two lightbulbs per thatch. I was NOT outfitted with one of these babies, so my power options are limited to a gas burner, mess tin, and candles/kerosene lamps. I am officially at a lower level of technology than the village of corazon creek.