January 12th, 2008

My dear acquaintance

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!! SO sorry to have only written two entries last month, I'll try to be better, I promise.

After a great Christmas in Florida, I decided to stay in my village for New Years. Not surprisingly it was not the most exciting New Years' Ive ever had; no music, nobody to kiss. I considered dressing up a coconut like heath ledger, but eventually just decided to go to bed around 9 pm. I woke up at ten minutes to midnight by chance, walked out to the road, and watched the stars until my watch beeped. 
I felt like the only person in the entire world.

I've been keeping busy, as usual, Chess club is in full swing; we've had to install a SECOND club session for the overwhelming number of ADULTS who want to play and learn. My challenge here is getting women and girls to particiapate. Everyone seems to think that fun things should only be reserved for men, and that women should stay in the kitchen with the babies.

Gardening has become my new total passion. 

I know I'm becoming a successful volunteer when my journal entries get more and more boring; I guess it means I'm really starting to acclimate to the village life. 

Tonight's our village's Mayahoc; the ancient ritual sacrifice/prayer service, done at the mouth of a cave at midnight. Shoudl be really cool. Hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon.