robbalamma (robbalamma) wrote,

Putting it together...

I've got some GREAT executive summaries for latrine material funding; but I don't know where to send them!

Does anybody have any Ideas about any good international aid organizations? I try to research but I only have a short time here in Punta Gorda every week. I'm trying to teach our village council about raising funds and self-mobilization and all that. The general trend is to just nag the local government minister until he comes through with a handout; which is entirely non-sustainable and eventually damaging to development.


Pictures!!Some of our beaaaautiful home gardens! I'm so proud. This is the Chiac family of Corazon. Look at those tomatoes!

This is the road where I run everyday; cattle pasture, mountains and jungle. That's my friend Cezar on the bike, going to water his horse ; )


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