robbalamma (robbalamma) wrote,

NORTH of the Border

So I'm on my way home for Christmas, I've been sitting in the Peace Corps office in Belmopan for the last three hours, mooching free internet...on my extended busride to the North of Belize, where I will cross the border into Mexico. From there, it's another four hour bus ride to Cancun and Tulum, where I will be FORCED to stay until my flight ot new york leaves on Thursday.
My life is so hard.

I wanted to share some pictures of the latrines we built this month; as you know latrines are a big part of my work here in the village, and we were fortunate enough to complete six in the last three weeks, with funding and materials from the Humana: People to People organization. THank you all so much. Everyone was really great at being self-motivated, coming to wake me up at five thirty every morning "Let's build my toilet, Mr. Rob!!"diggingSo I'm all sore from digging. But everyone worked so hard and I'm very proud of them.

And the finished toilets are beautiful

So for now, I'm going to think about New York for Christmas (I can't handle another hot Christmas, I don't know about you guys)
And I miss my family more than anything. Though I only have another sevne months down here in Belize, I needed to see ny again before I went back.
okay i hope everyone has a GREAT holiday, and New Year, let me know if you wanna hang out when I come home! I certainly want to see everyone I possibly can. JohnPaul, we're definitely on for that Tuesday or whatever it is. I'll call you.
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