robbalamma (robbalamma) wrote,

I am not a stranger to the rain

Sooooo, it's raining again. Raining so much, in fact that I need to be in Belmopan for almost a full week; as all roads from here to Punta Gorda are completely impassable.

Which STINKS because I was getting so busy back in corazon. We're digging pits, lining them with blocks, and building latrines!!

So here I am in the capital, enjoying hours of free internet and cable tv, airconditioning, and hot water.

The trainees swear in next week, so congratulations to them!!

I went to a Methodist church service today and they asked me to play the piano. So not only did I get to go to church in ENGLISH,  I got to play a piano!!

It's official, I'm coming HOME for CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I land at JFK on 11 December, and will return on the 28th!! So, lotsa time back in NYC, baybeee. Let me know when i can hang out wit y'all!!
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