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The sun will come out...tomorrow?

It sure rains a lot here.

And not on the days when I want it to.

It's 7 AM and I've spent the last three hours on a bus, with my friend's kinda heartbreaking, but she's 16, has a 2 month old baby, and the father, 17 years old, left the village in the middle of the night on sunday and hasn't been seen or heard from since. So I'm here with her, she's going to talk to a government representative and see what they can do for her, financially. She's not married, and she's a minor. Her family is the poorest in the entire village. But on the other hand, they're not belizean citizens, because their parents were born in Guatemala... it's hard for me to help when I'm so unfamiliar with the law here. But I'm just gonna walk around with her today and go to the government offices and ask questions. Her english is terrible...but then again so is my kek'chi. Wish us luck!




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