robbalamma (robbalamma) wrote,


Soooo, I finally made it out of my village.
Really far out of my village.
In fact, I'm in Argentina!!

I landed very early this morning in Buenos Aires' Pistarini airport, and gave mom and grace a big hug. Then I walked outside, in my shorts and shortsleeved shirt, realizing that I should have paid more attention in Miss Hartill's third grade science class in 1993.

A brief science lesson: Argentina is located in South America, on the other side of the equator. This is the part of the world we call the Southern Hemisphere. This carries some interesting consequenses; namely the reverse Coriolus Effect, which causes toilet and sink water to swirl in the opposite direction that they do above the equator. Another interesting effect is that when the North is enjoying a nice warm summer, ITS a COOOOLD wintertime IN THE SOUTH.

I um, seem to have overlooked this minor detail when i was PACKING for the trip, and now i'm sitting in the apartment and I'm very cold. oh well.  the city is absolutely beautiful, like a cross between paris and new york. We're staying in a beautiful apartment in the palermo district. Pictures to come soon!
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